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A Business Development Powerhouse
What Sets Us Apart
MotionHall is a Silicon Valley technology company first and this sets us apart.
With MotionHall, you can access tools unlike any database provider, and strategic consulting support unlike any boutique bank or firm.
Since our inception in 2016 beginning with early-stage biotechs, our membership has developed more than $6 billion in company value through venture investment, strategic partnerships, and company M&A across biotechnology, branded pharmaceuticals, generic pharmaceuticals and other life sciences companies. We are just getting started.
Boardroom chatter

Global Reach

MotionHall combines the best in people and technology to monitor the global biopharma landscape. We are strongest in coverage of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Israel and India.

You'll find our senior executives in our membership everywhere, and our Senior Strategy Consulting leaders in San Francisco and London, at a conference or on a plane.

Senior Executives in Every Major Geography Use MotionHall

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