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People in boardroom

Empowering dealmakers,
in service of patients.

People in boardroom

We believe in the power of small teams to achieve great things.

People in boardroom

Leveraged on top of technology, teammates at MotionHall work to maintain a team as small and high-powered as possible so that we can assure quality and agility in results for our membership.

Our small but powerful team is comprised of just 30 teammates spanning every major pharmaceutical geography.

From inception in 2016, MotionHall has been supported by many of the world's most successful pharmaceutical and technology industry veterans, including senior advisors from Genentech, Veeva, and Palantir.

We are a venture backed Silicon Valley technology company supported by Village Global, a network-driven fund backed by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos, as well as First Star Ventures and Outlier Ventures.

Our frontier engineering team consists of respected engineering leaders in high-demand, and who prefer to serve preferred outcomes for patients through MotionHall. They include the experts behind Signal iOS 1.0, as well as the Rust-Axolotl Double Ratchet Cryptography implementation (Diffie-Hellman × Symmetric Ratchet over Curve25519 / AES-256). In collaboration with our domain experts, this team has developed MotionHall's Model which includes multiple custom, domain specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) models including classification, prediction, regression and other computational methods, as well as our own proprietary multi-terabyte labeled dataset.