Brian Dalby
Brian Dalby, Engineering Management & Internal Operations
Brian Dalby
Engineering Management & Internal Operations
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Brian leads both Engineering Management and Internal Operations at MotionHall.

As Engineering Manager Brian works closely with MotionHall’s engineering and product teams to ensure overall production quality, team success, and a reliable software experience for Platform members.

In Internal Operations, Brian coordinates across engineering, product, customer success, sales, people operations and finance to assure internal processes are successful and productive, including overall quality of communication between organizations, people development, and organizational agility.

Prior to these roles, Brian was the Product Manager responsible for the OutMatch and InMatch dealmaker’s suites. Brian has over 10 years experience in full-stack frontier software engineering in high technology environments.

Brian has a BSc in Marine Transportation from CSU Maritime Academy; his brief career in Maritime instilled him with a set of principles and values for successful coordinated action.