Rani Yeung
Dr. Rani Yeung, Associate Consultant at MotionHall.
Rani Yeung
Associate Consultant
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Dr. Rani Yeung works with MotionHall’s membership in OnMethod Deck and Data Room, leading from principles in a series of workshops and processes that result in high-conversion deal collateral that fully appreciate and successfully communicate both the business and scientific potential of the deal on offer. Rani supports MotionHall’s membership in licensing, M&A, private financings and IPOs.

Rani began as an Analyst at MotionHall in 2022. Prior to MotionHall, Rani worked at the Smith Lab at New York University. Rani has a Ph.D. in Biology and Genetics from New York University, and a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Toronto.

Rani has both a professional and personal interest in scientific knowledge mobilization and has served to advance this in a variety of not-for-profit and policy settings.