Rachael Craig
Rachael Craig, Co-Founder and CEO of MotionHall
Rachael Craig
Co-Founder and CEO
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Rachael Craig is the visionary behind MotionHall where she engages directly with the membership base, and has pioneered the development of modern best practices for building biopharmaceutical company value.

Rachael founded MotionHall in 2015 with the belief that expertly applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mass amounts life sciences industry data would empower industry dealmakers to work with unprecedented market transparency, empowering the way they manage building company value, informing everything from portfolio investment decisions to complex multi-stakeholder transactions.

Rachael has led MotionHall from conception through venture financing to a global Platform membership base serving biotech and pharmaceutical company leaders in every major pharmaceutical region as well as LATAM and MENA. She has developed MotionHall's Strategy Consulting team to deliver flexible, expert and advanced services for biopharma companies who wish to better leverage MotionHall's Model, Platform and Method in their work.

Prior to MotionHall, Rachael led a hybridized career across life sciences, business and frontier software as an independent consultant and advisor in biotechnology, entrepreneurship and economic development, industry software, startups and blockchain.

She leads a mission-driven life and cares deeply about accelerating science to market, where it can help people.

Rachael has a B.S. in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University focused on computational research methods.