Danielle Lovell
Danielle Lovell, SVP Relationship Intelligence at MotionHall
Danielle Lovell
SVP Relationship Intelligence
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Danielle Lovell is SVP Relationship Intelligence at MotionHall and part of the company founding team. Danielle has personally architected and oversees MotionHall's relationship and people-based partnering intelligence team and software infrastructure.

Playing a powerful behind-the-scenes role in global transactions, Danielle sits on a daily basis at the intersection of communications between critical stakeholders at biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. By focusing on placing clients at the forefront of critical communications, dealmakers may not know Danielle, but she knows them. Companies who have the benefit of working with Danielle and her team will accrue the required relationship capital to drive immediate transaction goals forward, as well as retain these relationships to support long-term alliances.

Prior to accepting her role as SVP Relationship Intelligence, Danielle honed her abilities in high-touch industry relationships managing them with innovative software-driven solutions as Chief of Staff to our CEO, Rachael Craig.

Danielle has led in multiple entrepreneurial and early-growth stage roles in frontier technology and technology-enabled companies including Hootsuite, Blankslate Partners, Over the Moon Games, and Lululemon.

Danielle graduated Yale University in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.