Accelerated Outreach
Strategy Consulting and Services for Accelerated Outreach and Introductions

MotionHall offers tailored services to achieve your outreach goals faster.

As transactions are sensitive strategic processes, names of companies and executives in all MotionHall case studies are anonymized.

Access an Elastic, Extended BD Team When You Need It

Evan is a busy CEO who values his access to the MotionHall Platform. Now that it’s time to consider active partnering conversations, he reaches out to the MotionHall Strategy Consulting team to help him manage his approach.

Evan understands that in addition to the Platform, MotionHall Strategy Consulting can be available to members as an elastic or outsourced BD team, and he appreciates that flexibility and agility in support.

Expert Professional Services

The MotionHall team is quick to assess Evan’s Platform tooling, including OutMatch Profesional: Out-Licensing and Sell-Side M&A, Deal Comparables and the Competitive Landscape. Working with Evan, MotionHall Strategy Consultants index his relationships and conversation history so that outreach can be planned with a holistic perspective and all resources assembled.

MotionHall is quick to apply BD best practice to Evan’s opportunity slide deck for corporate partners, and draft language for an outreach campaign tailored to specific partners and highlighting the most important aspects of his product for all respective potential partners.

Together, we clarify for each outreach prospect why they should care about Evan’s product. MotionHall begins rapid outreach and introductions meetings with companies that may not be the best fit for Evans interests but can offer valuable feedback to iterate on the pitch.

Effective Outreach Begins with Understanding

MotionHall also digs into scientific fit to understand who are the R&D champions who can best understand his product differentiation. MotionHall begins to tailor messaging outreach to those target companies. Thanks to careful work and positioning, Evan’s calendar quickly becomes full with high-quality meetings. Evan goes into his meetings briefed and prepared to speak to his product in a specifically tailored way for each individual R&D leader, BD leader, and company.

Evan’s job isn't easy. His schedule consists heavily of research, preparation, and meetings. But his ability to speak to his product with differentiation and to accelerate his outreach process comes down to his choice to work with MotionHall.

Evan says: “Engaging with MotionHall let me work on the shortened timeline I wanted. Their services allowed me to have confidence in our tailored outreach which in turn let me build meaningful connections. Together, we were able to move quickly through the deal-making funnel so that I could move towards closing my deal.”