Reducing In-Licensing Risk
Leaf Bioscience Improves Company Upside While Reducing Risk in an In-Licensing Process

As transactions are sensitive strategic processes, names of companies and executives in all MotionHall case studies are anonymized.

In-Licensing to Build Commercial Value in an Emerging North American Salesforce

Bruce is the CEO at Leaf Bioscience, and has been successfully building companies in his niche therapeutic space of dermatology for several decades. He knows the space intimately, and all of the major players in it — both at a tracking level and through strong relationships with decision makers. Bruce is leading the growth of Leaf Bioscience, a three-year-old dermatology company where he recently raised significant capital. He is looking to use this capital to both develop a robust dermatology pipeline, and to build a North American salesforce that will commercialize this pipeline. He sees the advantage of finding under-appreciated dermatology assets, acquiring global rights, then licensing ex-US rights to partners in other regions to create additional revenue streams.

Bruce is clear about the types of assets he would like to license into his pipeline:

  • • Being developed in orphan dermatology indication(s)
  • • Has met clinical proof of concept
  • • Manufacturing has been demonstrated to be easily scalable

Bruce understands the importance of a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all assets in development or in the market that meet his criteria for selection. He would then look to prioritize those assets that best meet his objectives both scientifically, and in terms of his commercial goals regarding sales force build out.

Discovering the Right Target While Gaining Leverage on Executive Time

Like any CEO of a small biotech, Bruce is resource constrained, and wants to protect both his time and the time of Leaf’s scientists. He uses MotionHall’s InMatch platform to quickly identify the best assets for his company that satisfy the most criteria relevant to his strategy. He knows that MotionHall’s Platform is the most comprehensive and predictive way to identify such assets, whilst also providing him and his team with the capability to track emerging dermatology products over time.

As ideal targets are agreed upon, Bruce and his scientists work with the MotionHall Method and Strategy Consulting team to develop the specific messaging and approach to companies that own the assets targeted, collect and analyze the relevant confidential information on each asset, and focus on finding the highest quality assets to support Leaf’s long term growth

Bruce also works with MotionHall to understand the opportunity of each potential asset to be subsequently out-licensed ex-US, who the buyers are, and what might the potential deal dynamics look like, as he believes this would also be a substantial value generator for Leaf.

No Surprises: Understanding How a Prospective In-Licensing Target Compares in Terms of Competition and Deal Benchmarks

Bruce is a big believer in ‘no surprises’, so he wants to fully understand the competitive set for each target asset. He understands that even though he knows the space well, it's a good investment to be clear on this, as he doesn’t want to be ramping up for US sales of a new asset, only to find there's a surprise competitor that he wasn’t aware of. Understanding this, together with having comprehensive deal benchmarks at his fingertips, allow him to negotiate each asset deal personally when the time comes.

Building Company Value: Understanding How a Prospective In-Licensing Target Improves Investor Confidence and M&A Attractiveness

Bruce has big plans for Leaf, and is looking to start a capital raise soon. He understands that having a clear in-licensing and growth strategy will matter to investors, and he wants to ensure they understand how any asset that is in-licensed impacts the M&A potential of the company.

Honoring Executive Time While Building Value and Reducing Risk

Because it's so easy to get this information from the MotionHall Platform, Bruce is happy to make this investment to better assure the future of his company, to better protect shareholders, to build value, to reduce risk, to plan ahead, and to be more confident that they are going to achieve all the outcomes that they're looking to achieve. Bruce has been in the industry for a while, and appreciates that it hasn't been possible to have this type and scope of support and access previously. Bruce feels in full control of his licensing strategy, easily tracking it year over year using Motionhall’s Platform and working closely with the Method and Strategy Consulting Team.