Pipeline Prioritization
How Tiger Biotech Prioritizes Pipeline Development for Business Success
Tiger Biotech is a small-cap, publicly-traded company. Tiger’s team is proud of their platform technology and the pipeline of promising preclinical and clinical assets they’ve developed.

As transactions are sensitive strategic processes, names of companies and executives in all MotionHall case studies are anonymized.

Henrik, Tiger’s CBO, was considering the transaction strategy for his lead asset when he first learned of MotionHall. He wanted to deeply understand the relevant strategic partners so he could plan his entry points and establish a competitive deal cycle.

“The results opened my eyes to new possibilities”

As Henrik explored the partnering market for his lead asset in MotionHall’s OutMatch workspace, he realized that the OutMatch tool could also be powerful for indication prioritization. “The results opened my eyes to new possibilities,” said Henrik. “It struck me that we could be using OutMatch to review the partnering market for all our pipeline assets. We could then use this information to prioritize development from a business development lens.”

Including the BD lens in indication prioritization

Tiger Biotech was already ensuring their preclinical assets were scientifically sound and had a good market size—both things that are important to product success. But Henrik’s approach now also prioritizes providing his team with a BD lens. He gains insights into the future transactability of each prospective indication, including deal values and ease or difficulty of a valuable transaction within the set of strategically suitable partners.

An OutMatch Unlimited package allows Henrik to generate workspaces for each deal possibility he wants to model, including all combinations of indications and regions under consideration. He also examines how indication choices may impact the M&A attractiveness of the entire company to likely buyers.

A head start on market development

Henrik says his approach allows his team to ‘double-dip’ at conferences. “While it’s too early for us to partner most of these assets, we’re aware of where they may eventually find homes and work those relationships too. We know who may be partners years down the road.”

Henrik’s thoughtful, multi-year strategy is well underway. It’s a process that reduces risk and improves the likelihood of building value for his company and success for patients.

Modern tools delivering dependable data

The sophisticated OutMatch tool leads Henrik to consider companies he’d not previously expected to be suitable partners. He’s also efficiently keeping track of more prospective companies with more market clarity than ever. He uses the company cards in the OutMatch workspace to navigate departments and to know exactly where each of his assets would fit in these organizations. Henrik also appreciates MotionHall’s email notifications, alerts, and analyst updates that make it easier to track market changes over time.

Smooth transitions from one lead asset to the next

When Henrik’s most recent deal closed, he and his team seamlessly moved on to the next asset in their pipeline. Henrik had already accumulated plenty of knowledge about the market for this new lead. Since Henrik and his team began market development work based on the continuously-updating OutMatch workspaces created years ago, they were able to plan entering out-licensing conversations for the next asset on fertile ground.