Niche Markets
Achieving Licensing Success in a Niche Market

When working with niche markets, every detail counts.

As transactions are sensitive strategic processes, names of companies and executives in all MotionHall case studies are anonymized.

Jorge, CBO at Apple Tree Biotech, is a sophisticated biotech business development and licensing veteran. An early-adopter of the MotionHall Platform, Jorge is sensitive to the cash resources at the little biotechs he helps and is decisive about putting his time to the highest leverage use for the company.

Apple Tree’s lead product, AppleSeed-24, is a unique device and therapeutic combination. Appleseed-24 is so unique that there are only a handful of companies in the world suitable to assist with the final stages of development and commercialization.

While a dealmaker architecting an auction might need the comprehensive partner evaluation MotionHall is well-known for, Jorge needs to know that no prospective partner will be overlooked. He wants exhaustive knowledge of his prospects.

A Comprehensive Partner Evaluation is Even More Important in Niche Markets

Jorge requests a Platform and Services proposal from MotionHall for Apple Tree Biotech and brings it to Jin-sung, Apple Tree’s CEO. Benefits to Apple Tree include:

  • • Reducing the overall risk around this niche transaction;
  • • Increasing optionality and likelihood to choose preferred terms or partner;
  • • Helping Jorge close on the best terms and, as a result, helping him avoid leaving money on the negotiating table.
  • • Acceleration support so that Jorge can reasonably close on the timeline that works best for Apple Three Biotech.

Jin-sung, however, is not entirely convinced that MotionHall is needed for transacting this product. “AppleSeed-24 has such a niche market that we know all the key players,” he says, “Why should we invest more money in business development?”

Jorge explains that with very few potential partners, knowing every prospect is critical to maximizing the company’s odds of success and a small investment relative to the value of the completed transaction to the company. A single company missed could turn out to be that one prospective partner who provides negotiation leverage for the deal.

“Dealmakers like me always hate to miss the one good conversation we might have had,” says Jorge. “I know that through the Platform, I’ll have line-of-sight on every single company, including edge-cases, and the best information in hand as I prepare to speak to this small set of players.”

Small Budgets, Tight Timelines and Leverage on Executive Time

“We’re not just looking at savings in analysts or databases,” Jorge explains to CEO Jin-sung, “but significant leverage on my time so I can run the best process for AppleSeed-24 and for Apple Tree Therapeutics.”

Jin-sung approves Jorge's approach. The CEO is pleased that Jorge will use both company budget and executive time with more efficiency, and understands that the proposed process will maximize the likelihood of an ideal transaction for AppleSeed-24.

With the Platform at his fingertips, Jorge can begin to plan his approach confident in the comprehensiveness of his research, and ability to understand this niche market. As Jorge studies the market, he’s able to quickly plan and tailor his outreach and approach.